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April 25, 2019

Patio Season is Upon Us. Are You Ready?


Patio season is here! Have you already opened the patio for the season, or are you still waiting to clean off the debris of winter for fear that we will get another late snow storm? We all know that as soon as the patio has opened, it becomes a destination for anyone who is looking to enjoy a delicious meal and a few drinks with friends and family, even if the weather takes a turn for the worst. So what solutions are available to you, as we know that closing the patio is no longer an option?

Enclose Your Patio

Partially -enclosed patio’s are becoming even more popular, especially in areas where patio season is typically short. Patio enclosures paired with heaters, allow patio season to extend all year long. Once in place, you will never have to say that the patio “is closed” ever again. Click here to read more about this emerging trend.

Turn Up The Heat! 

It’s been a cold winter across North America, but that didn’t stop outdoor events from attracting thousands of crowds! Why? Strategically placed heaters helped event-goers #staywarm! See how we turned up the heat at the Toronto Christmas Market, even during the chilliest nights.


We understand that every space is unique, as that is the sole purpose of your business; to provide an incredible and exceptional experience for visitors, that’s different than any other! Whether you offer a quaint hideaway that’s perfect for intimate meals, or a bustling bar that attracts crowds on game day, your heating solutions will differ too! Our team knows this full well and works with you to determine the products that will provide ample heating when and where it’s needed most.

The patio is the most sought after seating area this time of year. As a restaurant owner or manager, your goal should be finding ways to optimize this space so that it can be a hub of activity all day every day. Find a solution that is right for you by working with a team who is just as passionate about your business’s success as you are! Chat with us.

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