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January 29, 2018

It’s Patio Season Somewhere

Patio weather, considered by restaurant owners and patrons alike to be a favourite summer activity, is changing in its perception as more and more restaurants across the country are investing in outdoor heating. We typically equate patio weather with high temperatures, hot summer afternoons turning into warm summer nights, and endless appetizers and drinks that will satisfy any foodie or connoisseur. While the winter months can offer an alternative dining experience, much can be said for sitting on a patio and enjoying a hot drink while the world around you receives a fresh blanket of snow.

For many patrons, dining on a patio has always been a year-long experience as long as the atmosphere has been considered by restaurant owners. Outdoor heating, electric fireplaces, and candles on each table are making more of an appearance in restaurants as owners are beginning to utilize patio space all season long, and are taking advantage of the impact that overall atmosphere can make for those looking for a unique dining experience.

Creating a comfortable space is crucial in extending your patio season and in establishing an incredible atmosphere for your clients. Heating plays a huge role in accomplishing this, as if a space is too cold or too hot, it can not only affect the appetite of patrons but hinder the overall atmosphere of the area. We feel that when your heating solutions match your customer’s needs, that is when amazing things can happen to your business!


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