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eWAVE Heater Installation 1

The eWAVE electric heater was developed together with the University of Modena Enzo Ferrari Engineering Department. The challenge was met by maximizing the radiant output using a sophisticated aluminum extrusion designed by the Ferrari Engineers – the thick black anodized coating further enhanced the performance while protecting against the elements. Certified for indoor and outdoor applications, it offers heat output settings of 1500W, 3200W, 3000W, and 4500W.

eWAVE Heater Installation 3
eWAVE Heater Installation 2
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  • Modern European design
  • Focused heat pattern
  • Highest efficiency in its class
  • IP55 rated – indoor & outdoor approved
  • Built-in waterproof junction box
  • Weatherproof anodized construction
  • Extruded anodized aluminum radiant surface
  • Flexible wall/ceiling mounting brackets included. The heater can be mounted horizontally or adjusted to an angle
  • Premium warranty, complete heater replacement
  • Compatible with smart technology to optimize the energy used

Long Wave Model

eWAVE Long Wave

Supporting Documents

eWAVE Long Wave Model Brochure


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eWAVE Long Wave Model Manual Single Phase 120 / 240V


eWAVE Long Wave Model Manual Three Phase 208 / 240 / 480 / 600V


eWAVE Long Wave Model Spec Single Phase 120 / 240V