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Medium Wave

The SRP eWAVE® medium wave heater combines the elegance of the long wave design with the Schott Nextrema® glass, which provides infrared transparency of almost 90% and is comfortable to the human eye. Certified for indoor and outdoor applications, available at 1800W (120V and 240V), 2400W (240V).
The dimmable version is equipped with a remote control, which can control multiple heaters, selecting operation at 1/3, 2/3, or complete power. The sleek look is maintained with a fully
integrated waterproof connection box that retains the aesthetic appeal.

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  • Modern European design
  • Focused heat pattern
  • Highest efficiency in its class
  • IP55 rated – indoor & outdoor approved
  • Built-in waterproof junction box
  • Weather-resistant anodized construction
  • Comfortable infrared from heating elements with Quartz/carbon fiber filaments and wide transmission spectrum Schott glass
  • Flexible wall/ceiling mounting brackets included. The heater can be mounted horizontally or adjusted to an angle
  • Premium warranty, complete heater replacement
  • Compatible with smart technology to
    optimize the energy used

Medium Wave Model

eWAVE medium wave.jpg

Supporting Documents

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