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SIR Corp banners can be found all over North America, and like many franchise businesses, achieving a consistent customer experience makes for a successful system. When approached to create the ultimate patio environment for comfortable three seasons of entertainment at a prime Ontario location, IR Energy made the most of it. Featuring our NEW ETS slim line, the entire patio had full coverage.

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When this Hilton Hotel was looking to provide a comfortable setting for their uncovered Valet area, they looked to IR Energy and the technology of the Habanero heater. First impressions are everything and with the focused heat coverage of the Habanero, Hilton’s guests are able to experience luxury before they even walk in the front door to check in.

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Regarded as the Premier Rooftop in Toronto, ON; The Thompson Hotel was looking to add a staple heating solution to their trendy outdoor space. The form and function of the Evenglo model brought the heat! Rooftop patio season in Canada is short but with the Evenglo’s performance and durability, this property is last to close and first to open.

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The Wynn is one of the most prized hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Their guests comfort and experience are at the very top of their priorities. The opportunity was presented to IR Energy to help create a memorable, comfortable outdoor experience that will help keep their customers coming back. The evenGLO GA201M2 delivered, creating an ambiance and comfort level unlike any other heater all while helping the Resort reduce their patio heater footprint and Propane costs. Comfort and fuel savings/unit # reduction are key.

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"There is more golf to be played" For any golfer out there, being able to head to the driving range all year round is a huge bonus. As the heating partner for many of the Top Golf locations, we feature our NEW ETS slim line.


At this five-star Ritz Carlton hotel, guests are introduced to the different sides of Toronto. The design borrows from the city’s glamourous film and theater scenes, waterfront setting, and rail history. Dining showcases local, seasonal ingredients and unique offerings including the rare Black Ivory Coffee. As their heating partner and with tight ceilings with limited space to hang., we recommended our high-intensity Habanero heaters.


As temperatures drop, our outdoor heaters allow the continued function of the Four Season's outdoor space.


The warm patio and the beautiful beach view create an exceptional dining experience.


Canadian Brewhouse transformed its patio into an all-season place. evenTUBE series keep customers comfortable during chilly nights.

Rosewood Montecito

Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Santa Barbara, Montecito attracts more customers with its heated beachfront restaurant. Heavy-duty evenGLO series keep customers comfortably warm during chilly nights.

Our Valued Clients

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