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  • What is Infrared?

    Infrared is electromagnetic wave energy. Like light, infrared (radiant) energy travels at the speed of light in a straight line until it strikes an object.

  • How Does Infrared Heating Work?

    Each of our models; Luminous (Evenglo), Tube (Eventube) and high intensity (Habanero) emulates the warmth of the sun by generating radiant energy that converts to useable heat when absorbed by objects in its path. On Patio’s, objects such as floors, walls and furniture absorb the infrared radiant energy. This creates a "heat sink" where warmth is stored and re-radiated to warm the surrounding air.

  • Are there any negative side effects from standing under an Infrared Patio heater?

    Infrared heaters do get hot, so proper mounting distances and clearance requirements must be met. However, there are no harmful effects from the radiant heat energy. Unlike the sun, infrared heaters do not produce ultra-violet rays, only comfortable radiant warmth, like standing by a fireplace or stove.

  • Are IR Energy Patio products CSA Certified? Are they UL certified?

    Yes, all our products are CSA certified. In the North American gas fired appliance market the CSA certificate is equivalent with the UL certificate.

  • How can I best use one of your heating units to extend the time I use my outdoor space?

    Most establishments IR Energy work with, care deeply not only about extending the use of their outdoor space, but they care about creating an environment and ambience that their target crowd will enjoy and return to. By implementing an IR Energy solution that provides the proper heat pattern and compliments the layout of the space, we can provide a functional outdoor space that lasts year-round with exception to only the most inclement weather.

  • How do I determine what model I will need for my application?

    IR Energy works collaboratively to ensure that all of our client’s needs are met. There are a couple key factors to take into consideration: Geographic location – Elevation and Exposure. How cold does it get? Is it prone to high or constant wind? How long do they want to keep the space open? Design and Functionality – What is the height and availability of hanging points? How intense does the heat coverage need to be?

  • Should the unit be coupled with canopies or something else for maximum effect?

    While a canopy is not a requirement with an IR Energy heater, anything that minimizes heat loss will improve efficiency. Unlike competitive brands that actually state that the heater needs to be protected from the elements, an IR Energy heater is built to last. All of our products undergo life cycle testing in a fully exposed environment in Ontario, Canada where ice, snow and rain are a part of everyday life.

  • What​​ does​​ it ​​take​​ to ​​get ​​it​​ set ​​up?

    With our evenGLO portable models, set-up is easy, taking 20-30 minutes to assemble. Fixed heaters require a gas line and a 24V power supply. Because our heaters are easy to install, our clients would only need the services of an experienced contractor in order to have our units up and running in no time.

  • Is maintenance required?

    Yes, for best performance, annual maintenance should be performed prior to the heating season. Nobody wants to watch a staff member struggle to light a unit. The quality of our components and assembly minimizes the need to replace internal components. Maintenance is easy with the on-going service options that IR Energy provides as well as our experienced and helpful support team. Recommendations for specific heater models can be found in the Installation/Operation Manual