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September 19, 2018

Guaranteeing A Lifetime of Comfort Outdoors

Patio Heater

We have all been in the position where we’ve needed to ask ourselves, “should I, or shouldn’t I” purchase this product? The decision on whether to invest in a luxury item that will last a lifetime versus purchasing a cheaper option that may only satisfy an immediate need can be a difficult one to make. There are a few variables that must be considered when making an informed decision, such as price, longevity, and available support services after the sale has been made.

Is the Price Right?

One factor that is typically considered first and foremost is PRICE! Sensitivity to the price varies from consumer to consumer, as price sensitivity is directly correlated to the importance of the product itself and how it is to be used.

For instance, a resort may have a few key decision makers involved in the purchasing of capital equipment for the upcoming year, such as the Director of Food and Beverage, the Purchasing Manager, or the Director of Engineering. Every one of these decision makers has a list of requirements they are looking to fulfill, thus impacting the list of conditions that these products need to meet.

For example, a Director of Food and Beverage may choose to source the best patio heater available on the market to ensure that their guests are comfortable, willing to stay for longer periods of time, and are more inclined to consume food and beverages. Thus, maximizing revenue per square foot. They will also take into consideration the needs of their employees, and aim only to purchase products that work to make their job easier and more enjoyable. Happier employees and the maximizing of tips and customer retention, all work to create a great alfresco dining experience. The Purchasing Manager, on the other hand, may look to source a cheaper solution and may not take into account how a patio heater can impact future revenue for the resort. The Director of Engineering, however, would look to purchase a patio heater that would cause the least number of headaches for everyone involved.

A cheaper heater may require consistent upkeep and have to be replaced within a few years time, whereas a more expensive product of higher quality will do the job it has been designed to do and positively impact the overall dining experience for customers and employees. Purchasing the best heating equipment for the space itself, at a higher cost, may seem like a significant investment up front, but the added value of the unit will invest back into your business in the long run. Providing a comfortable experience is, to no surprise, the driving force behind generating revenue from an outdoor space.


“Why do you do what you do?” We believe that every company should establish a clear, “why” that can fully answer this question. For us, our “why” closely corresponds with the quality and design of the products we produce, as our main goal is to keep you outdoors. At IR Energy, our goal is to design and build heaters that can survive and thrive in heavy commercial use and abuse, while allowing customers to continue to enjoy the atmosphere of an outdoor patio, no matter the season – that is our WHY.

We believe that bringing a product to life and have it stand the test of time is an intricate process that can be viewed almost as a science. Every detail of the heater must be considered, correctly designed for the space in mind, and thoroughly tested in order to ensure longevity and optimal use. To ensure this, every part used should be of the highest quality. In order to achieve this, we have aligned ourselves with the best suppliers who are leaders in their respective industries and who share the same values that we do! Even our hardware is specifically chosen to withstand heavy use and abuse. Where some competitors may use zinc-plated products, we use stainless and brass nylon-insert lock nuts, stainless steel screws, and brass fittings. This prevents the connection from coming loose or rusting, allowing for many years of use and enjoyment. Another benefit of using brass and stainless combinations is that certain parts can be replaced much easier after years of use, as they will not seize together and make it difficult to remove or re-install the part when needed.

With proper care and maintenance, our product line can last a lifetime, providing comfort to guests and employees for years to come. As an added bonus, and to limit the maintenance and increase long-term aesthetics, we provide after-market accessories as well. We offer touch-up paint kits, special stainless steel cleaner and polish specific for marine environments, and commercial quality covers to protect the product from the elements when not in use! We care about the investment you are making and will do our part to help your business benefit from it.

Service and Support

Most importantly, the service and support provided from the company after the sale has been completed should be heavily considered, especially if looking to make a substantial investment in equipment that will be relied upon to generate revenue. We do our very best to ensure 100% success on all orders, but perfection is hard to achieve. If we do miss something, we stand behind our product and do not stop until our customers are happy.

Although our products are unique to the industry and built with only the best materials, contractors can troubleshoot and repair any of our units if service is needed down the road. Our customers can rest assured that the IR Energy team is available for technical support if required, as well. We also provide easy to understand instructions for troubleshooting and replacing certain parts of our heaters, allowing your team to be able to accurately identify an issue and determine the best method for getting your unit up and running again.

Our team is here because of you, and will continue to be long after the initial purchase! 

If you are looking to purchase a heater for your outdoor space, consider the price, longevity of the unit itself, and the support services that are available to you after the purchase has been made. At IR Energy we can guarantee that your purchase will contribute to your business instead of hinder it and that our team will always be available to help. Looking to learn more? Contact us!


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